Saturday, September 13, 2008

Turning Japanese ( I really think so...)

Menu (up- close)


My Bento


I would like to share neat things about this store that I (we) found just around the corner. Personally, I would really like to go to Japan, if given the chance and the resources, but as for the moment I just have to show a little bit of our version of little 'tokyo' here in San Diego.

The name of the store is Mitsuwa. I have been in and out of this store for several times for many reasons, well, some were to get my 'pocky' or grab a bottle of 'Calpico'. I found the store as cute as it can be. A glimpse of Japan it is! I find their 'mini' eatery very neat as well. If you decide to eat there, there's a huge menu, a real- like food, just in case you want to make sure what you are ordering. Another thing, a lot of Japanese are coming (obviously) there for a lunch also or for a grocery each day. Some of them likes to dress up like 'harajuku' or this 'anime' look (brave enough) but most of them are just there to hang out or just for anything, like me. I also see a lot of different people, name it, different nationalities too!

Before you go, I would like to acknowledge the fact that I have been awhile for some time. I haven't had any escapade lately. Well except that I was just really busy working. And I can't really share it here since it's just randomly boring for me.

Again, Ari- ga- to!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Left My Heart In...

San Francisco.
High on a hill, it calls to me
To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars
The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care.
by Tony Bennette

My second visit to San Francisco was quick yet fun. No Golden gate or Fisherman's Wharf stop this time but we went to the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia here in San Francisco. What's first in our list?A Good feast! why not? We settled for 'Cathay Restaurant' which is later on we found out that it was one of the most famous restaurant/landmark in there. It was easy to find, although the location was a little strategic but nevertheless, it was a good experience. Second, we went to see some shops. They were a little bit cheap but we later settled for some hot buns and souvenir tees.

That's the building behind me-


And let's not forget the FEAST!

More to Love!
And we'll be back again... soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

La Pinata Restaurant, Old Town San Diego

First of all, I don't know how to put tilde on the letter N to the word Pinata. It should be read as pin-ya-ta. The La Pinata is the oldest restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. Trust me, had to ask few people where to find it. The restaurant is located away from the Old Town's main attractions. But when you get there, it's all worth it. The food is really good! At least 2- 3 bucks difference from other restaurants in Old Town. The servers asks you first where you want to be seated. "Do you want outside or inside?". I prefer staying out of the sun. The place is cozy. The Mexican music in the background makes you want to dance. The music sets you into the mood like you are in Mexico. I also like the playful pinatas hanging on the ceiling. The colorful chairs and tables are cool to the eyes; they make you order for more lemonade. "Do you like chips or quesadilla?" The lady asked as I was checking their menu. "Quesadilla please", I answered. They let you munch for a bit while waiting for your food.

Inside "The La Pinata"

Cheese Quesadilla

Friday, August 8, 2008

Roberto's Mexican Food

Horchata Drink

Carne Asada Burrito

Fish Tacos with Rice and Beans

I Love Mexican Food!

Although I must admit, my very first encounter of eating my Fish Taco wasn't that enjoying. Other than that, guacamole and cilantro made me sick.
Now, I can't get away without it. I had to have my burrito or fish taco at least twice a week. And yeah, don't forget the horchata! We usually eat at Roberto's Restaurant which is my top choice always.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What's in the bun?

Its delicious, its fast; can't go wrong with it. Whatever you do, wherever you go as long as you are allowed, hotdogs or hamburgers are always a consistent choice. Personally, I love hotdogs. When I was little, my mom would prepare me a meal. Steamed rice and fried hotdogs. As years go by, I still like eating it.

Melted cheese with fried beans on a hotdog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lost in Translation.

Seeing the Menu, I thought the food here must be really good.

The waiter handed us their three sets of other menus. Fortunately, this time they were subtitled in English. Pictures of the food were really tempting, however we decided to order something we haven't tried before. To substitute steamed bok-choy with hoisin sause, we ordered "Fried Beans with minced pork in chili sauce" for a start.
It was so tasty. The sweet, chili sauce along with minced pork were a good combination. Although it's a little salty for me but other than that it's light and unfilling and you keep wanting for more.

The second one we tried was called "Fried Clams in Black Sauce".

Instead of having baked clams, we tried this one, for a change. I like it because again it's not heavy. The taste was a little sweet, the green and red bell peppers were still crunchy, the clams were nicely done, it wasn't soggy. For me, opening the shells are the fun part. Overall, it was a good choice.

The Last one, we had a "Fish Head Sizzlers mixed with Ginger" (I don't know the exact name).
Fish head but then again, it was done in a different way. Usually fish head is considered a waste but this one you won't recognize. It was super tasty. The fish meat was soft. I was tempted to eat all the pieces that I even forgot that it was full of bones as well. I like the entire concept. Again the sweetness of the sauce were mixed well. The ginger taste didn't overpower.

They gave us free dessert too! Sweetened beans. Cute!

Fantasy Restaurant, Los Angeles. 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Emergency Landing in the Philippine soil

"Qantas Jet made it's emergency landing in Manila today".

It was a relief knowing that no one got hurt and although traumatic, still God is in control!

While I was searching for the news online about Qantas Air having it's emergency landing in Manila, Philippines, a little weird but I found two similar events that had happened three years prior to this incident. One in Osaka, Japan in August and one in Kolkata, India in October in the same year. Both had an emergency landing and were reported to have smokes in the rear side of the plane that caused it's engine's mishap. I don't know how to speculate it but you be the judge.